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Workshops & Tracks

Five conference tracks have been designed and developed to meet the needs of our diverse audience. Each track has three different workshops presented by experts and professionals in different fields. 

Outreach & Retention Attract, Recruit and Retain Top Latino Talent – The ARRT of Workforce Planning for Latino Talent. By: LaToya Smith Cross-cultural Digital Communication: Innovative and Culturally Sensitive use of Digital technology. By: Natasha Pongonis Professional Speed Networking. By: Paul Robinson
Professional Development Top 10 Sales Competencies… Building Your Career. By: Tammy Zimmerman and Richard Hunt Why Volunteer: Volunteering for Personal growth and Development. By: Henry Guzman Liderando con Inteligencia Emocional, Social, Cultural y Estrategias de Comunicación (Spanish Session). By: Patricio Plazolles Emanuel
Entrepreneurship/ Business Shark Tank: Discussion with Local Latino Business. By: Ariana Ulloa-Olavarrieta Growing your Business in 2014 Part 1 (Panel Discussion). By: Thomas Stephen Growing your Business in 2014 Part 2. (Table Talk). By: Thomas Stephen
Mujeres (Women) How to Recognize and Handle Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. By: Neal Semel Redefining Success By: TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney Racing Against the Clock: How You Get it all Done and Maintain Balance in Your Life. By: Dr. Patricia Larkins-Hicks
Culture Competence A Smart Guide for Latino Leaders. By: Dr. Samuel Betances The Dimensions of Cultural Competence. By: Tara Narcross Speaking Spanish is not Enough to Become a Translator/ Interpreter: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. By: Alvaro DeCola

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